Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This is amusing: there's a load of searches going on for "piggle" at the moment and I have a feeling that people aren't going to be finding quite what it is that they want.

There's been a lot of recent interest in "teacup pigs", pigs deliberately bred very small: and of course as piglets they're about the size of a teacup. Pigs are actually pretty good animals to have as pets: they're usually brighter than dogs, quite possibly cleaner and can be house trained very easily (they also love to play).

So, I think people are searching for "piggle" looking for these minature pigs. And the second search term is indeed "minature pig". However, that isn't what piggle means.

Piggle means "Guinea pig" which is a very different thing altogether. More like a rat than a pig.

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