Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Getting ready for barbecue season

It might sound a little odd to be thinking about the barbecue season in late November, but then we're in a climate where this makes good sense really. By the end of January we'll be back out cooking in the garden again. So of course my thoughts are turning to what new equipment we might need to get that whole process up to scratch. And I've alighted upon one of these Viking grills as being what I want to add to the cooking equipment.

The point isn't just to have the biggest and best cooking equipment on the block: although that is of course part and parcel of the desire. The Viking gas grill range is based upon the idea that whatever the professionals use for their equipment is what you and I should be using for ours. Decent sized 29,000 BTU burners, everything made of stainless steel (so that you can indeed leave it out in the garden) and in general, why not take what we know makes a good grill from the commercial world and apply it in the non-commercial?

And that range is extensive: pictured is roughly the middle of it. The Viking grill range goes from a single, 30 inch grill, through that pictured 41 inch grill with two sideburners all the way up to a 53 inch grill with sideburners, oven and as a freestanding unit with warming drawers and the rest. Essentially there's an option for feeding the family of an evening to one that will feed the Thanksgiving parade as it comes down the street. All you or I really need to decide then is who is it that we want to feed? Just our own family or all on the block?

Decisions, decisions.....it's a hard life, isn't it?

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