Saturday, June 11, 2005

Michael Jackson

As probably the entire world knows by now Michael Jackson is on trial at the Santa Maria Courthouse on child molestation charges. At present no one knows quite how it will turn out although it would certainly appearthat he’s going to get hit with something, even if only providing alcohol to a minor.

His own career as a pop star started at an unfeasibly early age with the Jackson Five. He then went solo, produced the worlds largest selling solo album and then, in more recent years, rather lost ground.

He also seems to have a fascination with cosmetic surgery.

One of the things he did with the fortune he earned in the glory years was buy up song publishers...every time someone plays Yesterday or Imagine, he earns more money out of the royalties than either Paul McCartney or the estate of John Lennon.

Michael Jackson has his official website here.

A fan site is here and this is another one.

If you want to keep up with the news of the trial, or look back at what has happened, then this site gives a good roundup plus all of the evidence.